April, 2015

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6 Month Check-Up

6 month check up 2

As we get older we all need a 6 month check-up and I feel the same about the rest of my life.  Sometimes even just 2 months when things are that hectic.  Using the word “older” makes me sound old but I am most definitely not, no matter what my Fiancé says!  Still holding on to being in my twenties for another few weeks I do feel that life changes quicker as you hit your twenties, then I imagine slows down again later in life, but we’ll see!

I’m not meaning to sound philosophical I just feel that since working, having a family and running a home I need to check on my life a lot more than I used to.  For me, being happy is paramount to everything else, I find without that as my first check point there’s no point in looking any further.  A quick review now again is healthy, here is mine.

6 month check up 1

So let’s go through my check up, over the past 6 months I have jumped back into working, this time as a Mum.  Work also has a different meaning to me now, more of a purpose and more important than ever.  I’m not religious or particularly superstitious but me finding Citrus or Citrus finding me, seems to be more than just coincidence.  Good timing?  Luck?  Fate?  Either way it’s happened and I’m squeezing every drop out of it!

In the short time that I have been working at Citrus Content I have already moved from being Andrea’s Personal Assistant to also writing articles and blogs.  Somehow Andrea has managed to discover a passion and talent inside of me which, with her help, I’m slowly feeling confident enough to release.  At a recent brand meeting I described my thoughts about Citrus and my role, the outcome of this words workshop brought up feelings that I had never really thought about in much depth.  How many of us are proud of their job and love telling people what they do?  I am!  I think that says so much about Andrea, Citrus and our working relationship.  Along with my job description my label at home has also changed from being just “Vic” I’m now “Mum”, a title which holds a whole world of pressure and responsibility.  Luckily these feelings are completely eclipsed by the fun and love that also comes with being a Mum.

The past 6 months has also included a few anniversaries, our first Christmas as a family in our new home, Nico’s first birthday and our 2 year engagement anniversary.  All of which made me almost wish away the year to experience the celebrations all over again!  On a personal note, I have also been able to celebrate something that you all probably take for granted, I have just passed my driving test.  After putting it off for almost 13 years my partner took charge and booked me my first 10 lessons, since then I haven’t looked back and somehow (god knows how) I managed to pass both my theory and practical test first time!  This is a huge significant achievement for me as I let my fear of not being in control take over for so long.  Now I have been given the gift of time, being able to drive has literally meant that I now have an extra couple of hours added to my day!

What are the results of my check up?  After another crazy but blessed 6 months the defining moments in my life are simply stepping stones preparing me for what’s next to come, more work, more fun and more surprises.  As we all know we can’t predict the future and I wouldn’t want to, I could never have imagined what was going to happen but it just makes me even more excited about the next 6 months.

How did your check up go?

Estate Agent Leaflet Drops – Sin or Success??

Estate Agent Leaflet Drops - Sin or

Yesterday I was privileged to attend a Rightmove seminar in South Wales, where on a couple of occasions when the words ‘leaflet drop’ were mentioned.  This made me twitch a little, why?  Every day we all receive a wonderful selection of ‘junk’ mail through our doors some of which could include one of your leaflets.  Now I am a little sad as I actually go through my junk mail to pick out estate agent leaflets as I want to research what you are doing.  But many of these leaflets are lost inside the numerous take-out menus that seem to decorate my door mat when I arrive home.  Unlike me, many people will be throwing this pile of unwanted mail in their recycling bin so are your leaflets going the same way?

I ask you, are leaflet drops working for you?

When is the last time you actually questioned the number of leads you received from this essentially costly form marketing?

What is the solution?  You need to create awareness of your brand and your agency services.  You want to ensure that you are in the forefront of people’s minds when they are looking to sell, so is there another way to ‘leaflet drop’ that will have a greater success rate?

The typical estate agent leaflets are a maximum of A5 with pure advertising copy.  I have even had post cards, house shaped and even scraps of paper (yes not the best first impression!).  But is it the size or the copy that is not making you stand out in the junk mail crowd?  Dare I say possibly both!  Nowadays no one wants to be sold to, and isn’t that what a leaflet drop traditionally is, selling?

So what would make your potential clients take note of what you deliver and even keep hold of it?  We work with one of our clients on a monthly newsletter that has had a real impact on his business.  This is a 4 page A4 quality ‘leaflet’ that is filled with tips, advice, seasonal information and industry news.  What’s more the newsletter has a focus on their local community, making it something that their past, present, potential clients and the community at large look forward to reading.  This community edge gives the reader the sense that they are not just based in the community but also actually part of it.  This newsletter is an investment in their business but the results speak for themselves.

Every piece of material you create for your business must serve a purpose and not just because its something that is done in the industry.  Look outside estate agency and property for ideas and inspiration as you need to make a lasting first impression.  Well who knew a meerkat could have such a dramatic impact on a price comparison site?

If you would like ideas on how your marketing material could evade the curse of junk mail, contact us today to see how we can help your business.



Product of the Week – Egg Cups from At Home in the Country

canva 1


Easter wouldn’t be Easter without the usual “egg” jokes and our Product of the Week blog is no different! Our eggs-tra special weekly feature includes 6 Egg Cups from the Easter Collection by At Home in the Country. Whilst the kids are enjoying their chocolate treats take a tour of the countryside with a friendly Hen, a fast talking Hare and a proud Robin in our eggs-travagant animal tale.



Rise and shine and start your day with the colourful and friendly mother hen. We like our eggs large and this porcelain egg cup can fit even the largest of eggs to really kick start your day!

VP218 edited

Out of the woodland steps the strong Pheasant with it’s ornate colours, fighting off its natural predators to continue to lay between 8 and 12 eggs per clutch.  Perfect for those freshly boiled eggs for all of the family.

VP225 edited

We all know the tale about the hare and the tortoise but there’s no need to rush this Hare as he sits on his hind legs while you enjoy your breakfast or midday snack.

VP220 edited

The lab lovers dream breakfast features the athletic playful black labrador. Being the most popular breed of dog these egg cups are sure to be a best seller all year round.

VP222 edited

Answering the beautiful sounding call of the robin is our penultimate egg cup. Puffing out his red chest he asks if you have chosen your favourite egg cup yet?

VP221 edited

And finally, man’s best friend has featured twice in our collection this time with the feisty and independent Scottie Dog.  A lovely gift which like the rest of our egg cups are available with matching cups, saucers and other British countryside inspired tableware.

VP223 edited

Clearly eggs-perts in Countryside tableware our Products of the Week are at home in this Easter Collection but can be used throughout the year with At Home in the Country’s beautifully made porcelain and fine bone china pieces.


Guy and Georgie Robinson have designed and produced their own ranges of home accessories, tableware and giftware for over 25 years but it wasn’t until 2012 when they decided to set up “At Home in the Country” selling their beautiful and unique products to country people and their homes.

Proud villagers and obvious countryside lovers Guy and Georgia introduce us to the village that has inspired their designs.  “Farnley Tyas is a beautiful hilltop village, just south of Huddersfield and is surrounded by glorious fields and woodland.  We love our village, the countryside and everything that comes with it.”

Their pieces can be found in some of the finest Palaces, Castles, Country Homes and Hotels across the UK including Kensington Palace, Balmoral and Longleat.