6 Month Check-Up

6 month check up 2

As we get older we all need a 6 month check-up and I feel the same about the rest of my life.  Sometimes even just 2 months when things are that hectic.  Using the word “older” makes me sound old but I am most definitely not, no matter what my Fiancé says!  Still holding on to being in my twenties for another few weeks I do feel that life changes quicker as you hit your twenties, then I imagine slows down again later in life, but we’ll see!

I’m not meaning to sound philosophical I just feel that since working, having a family and running a home I need to check on my life a lot more than I used to.  For me, being happy is paramount to everything else, I find without that as my first check point there’s no point in looking any further.  A quick review now again is healthy, here is mine.

6 month check up 1

So let’s go through my check up, over the past 6 months I have jumped back into working, this time as a Mum.  Work also has a different meaning to me now, more of a purpose and more important than ever.  I’m not religious or particularly superstitious but me finding Citrus or Citrus finding me, seems to be more than just coincidence.  Good timing?  Luck?  Fate?  Either way it’s happened and I’m squeezing every drop out of it!

In the short time that I have been working at Citrus Content I have already moved from being Andrea’s Personal Assistant to also writing articles and blogs.  Somehow Andrea has managed to discover a passion and talent inside of me which, with her help, I’m slowly feeling confident enough to release.  At a recent brand meeting I described my thoughts about Citrus and my role, the outcome of this words workshop brought up feelings that I had never really thought about in much depth.  How many of us are proud of their job and love telling people what they do?  I am!  I think that says so much about Andrea, Citrus and our working relationship.  Along with my job description my label at home has also changed from being just “Vic” I’m now “Mum”, a title which holds a whole world of pressure and responsibility.  Luckily these feelings are completely eclipsed by the fun and love that also comes with being a Mum.

The past 6 months has also included a few anniversaries, our first Christmas as a family in our new home, Nico’s first birthday and our 2 year engagement anniversary.  All of which made me almost wish away the year to experience the celebrations all over again!  On a personal note, I have also been able to celebrate something that you all probably take for granted, I have just passed my driving test.  After putting it off for almost 13 years my partner took charge and booked me my first 10 lessons, since then I haven’t looked back and somehow (god knows how) I managed to pass both my theory and practical test first time!  This is a huge significant achievement for me as I let my fear of not being in control take over for so long.  Now I have been given the gift of time, being able to drive has literally meant that I now have an extra couple of hours added to my day!

What are the results of my check up?  After another crazy but blessed 6 months the defining moments in my life are simply stepping stones preparing me for what’s next to come, more work, more fun and more surprises.  As we all know we can’t predict the future and I wouldn’t want to, I could never have imagined what was going to happen but it just makes me even more excited about the next 6 months.

How did your check up go?

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