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Discover the LSA Serve Tall Comport from Occa-Home


Just before Christmas a parcel arrived from Occa-Home, inside was a beautiful dish – the LSA Serve Tall Comport.

LSA Serve Tall Comport

The box alone told me this was a quality item but was the actual product just as good the images? Upon opening I wasn’t disappointed. The Tall Comport is part of the serve collection, Each piece has been individually handmade by skilled artisans. The glass feels thick and strong providing not only a stylish piece but also a very functional one.

LSA Serve Tall Comport

So what to create to decorate this delicious bowl for Christmas, I took inspiration from the box and decided to create a trifle.  Off to the internet I went, well as we all know Google knows everything, and searched for a trifle recipe where the image looked similar to that on the box.  Although I love having a go at baking when I get time, I must confess I have never made a trifle before, but how hard could it be?

Little did I know I must have picked one of the hardest recipes, no packet ingredients here, everything homemade as I discovered.  I looked at my bowl in anticipation, would my final creation do it justice or turn something so elegant into a sloppy mess – the pressure!  My recipe started by creating the jelly from a mixture of berries, as I stirred the fruit the smell and the colours dancing around the pan was enchanting.

LSA Serve Tall Comport

The first batch of custard I realised was far too runny, my mistake I followed the recipe so back to the drawing board and decided to follow the rule of ‘ignore the recipe’ and success the second batch was perfect.

It was time to start to putting the layers together.  Nervously I placed each layer into the Tall Comport, praying that each layer would hold fast and not start to mix with the layer below.  As the glass started to be filled, the colours of the trifle popped through the bowl enhancing its beauty.

Finally it was time to unveil the finished product.

LSA Serve Tall Comport

I looked in pride as the trifle looked as delicious as the bowl.  My family and friends descended into the kitchen and before I could move it from this place there was already a spoon in as people were desperate to taste the delights before them.

And so back to the LSA Serve Tall Comport, yes it’s great to look at but my concern was would it be durable?  The answer here is yes and to put it simply, I love it!

The LSA Serve Tall Comport is available from Occa-Home for only £38.00