Job Satisfaction – What is it? And do you have it?


This week I returned back to work from my holiday in Kos and was preparing myself for those well-known holiday blues to set in on Sunday evening but something amazing happened, this time they didn’t appear!

This got me thinking, where were they?  In my previous jobs (and pre-baby) I used to go on holiday two to three times a year and without fail I would suffer from quite severe holiday blues on my return but not this time, why?  And the simple answer is that I have job satisfaction now, do you?  A while ago I sat down with my Grandad who we call Grumpy George, he asked his usual questions of how am I and how is work and my usual response was, “It’s fine, who really actually enjoys their job anyway?” His reply always puzzled me until now.

Grumpy George – “I loved my job, I always hated the weekends and couldn’t wait to go back in on a Monday”

I never understood how he could feel like this about working, don’t get me wrong I still enjoy my weekends but I’m starting to see what he meant.  Now when I visit and he asks about work I actually bore him with details and stories about my week and I have to say it gives me a nice feeling to be proud and happy to talk about work.


When you look at the facts it’s actually quite scary, some of you will spend more time in work than you do at home, which means you also spend more time with your colleagues than you do with your family and friends. So why don’t you make it essential that you enjoy your time at work?



With my 18 month old son in nursery 5 days a week I did have some feelings of guilt that his nursery teachers were seeing him as much as me and I’m sure some of you may have felt the same.  Obviously we tell ourselves that nursery is good for them to learn, play and grow without us and although I believe this to be true it also helps that I am enjoying myself at work when he is enjoying his time too.  Evenings and weekends are precious but I am finding myself feeling happier throughout the day which then continues when I get home and any Sunday Sadness has been erased.

Here are some ways that Citrus helps our team to enjoy our work.

  • Monday Morning Meeting - Every week we have a conference call where as a team we discuss our weekend and our week ahead. I personally find this friendly, supportive and inspiring. As each meeting closes I find myself excited to get started.


  • Freedom – With options of flexible working hours and working from home each team member benefits from this in their own way.


  • Incentives – Citrus has joined Perkbox, an employee perks scheme for small businesses that gives us offers and discounts on anything from cinema tickets to holidays.


  • Birthday Bonus – We all have an extra holiday each year for our Birthday, a nice touch that we all appreciate.


  • Personal Development – We are all encouraged to partake in courses/training that will help our current and future roles within Citrus. Suggestions are welcomed and we’re even looking into a course in the US for next year!


  • Relaxed Atmosphere – Together, with the support from Andrea, we have created a casual relaxed atmosphere in our office. No topic is out of bounds as we literally talk about everything, being open and honest has allowed us to have a great working relationship.


Whether you are an employee or employer you can gain job satisfaction and encourage your colleagues to do the same. Remember, you spend too much time working to not enjoy it!


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