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My new Citrus beginnings

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Letting you in, opening up, talking to myself…all facts and fears about writing my first blog! To imagine someone who is the class clown but would never read aloud, who loves to sing but can’t find her voice is completely me.  My new found confidence has been thrust upon me by my “pushy mother” style boss lady Andrea Morgan suggesting I write a blog so here goes…

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So far 2014 has been a year for all things “new”.  New baby, new house, new job. All positives you would think but they have also come with new fears, new pressure and new worries. My aim of the year is to turn the few negatives, which will never get their air time in my blog, in to more and more positives! My beautiful new baby, a constant positive who makes me smile and be silly every day. My new house, a home for my family, transformed by my fiancé and never to be completed. My new job, an unexpected encounter with endless opportunities.

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Citrus Content so far has been refreshing, inspiring and exciting! In the space of a month I have gone from working with dreary CXO’s to the interior design and content writing industry. The splash of colour has been a huge welcome to my new life and every day I am learning and smiling; both as refreshing as Citrus Content aims to be!

Working at home and in our new office gives me a balanced work life although some of my work doesn’t feel like “work”! Each client has their own needs and my work allows me to help them in various ways of never ending content and sharing all with an aim to grow their business and ours. “Our business” Andrea has encouraged me to use “our” and “we” which has made me feel so at home in a company which was her baby. This has all added to my continued passion for the job and eagerness to grow together and with whoever else wants to join us on this ride to the top!

At Citrus work never stops, finding great websites and products, sharing our work and stories on social media and working with interesting clients! I have 3 aims for my future here:

Never stop learning. Never stop growing. Never stop smiling.