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Product of the Week – Coffeeasy

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Our tastiest Product of the Week by far is the COFFEEASY™ #lovetastycoffee

COFFEEASY™ is a flexible and easy to use one-mug brew station for coffee lovers who want to enjoy freshly brewed coffee to personal taste with minimum time or fuss. The coffee world is constantly changing, and a simple new product is now giving consumers the chance to join the ‘baristocracy’ by producing top quality coffee in their own homes, just like they have seen professional baristas do.

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The COFFEEASY™, produced by Leeds-based Coffeeasy Ltd, allows people to make high quality filtered coffee in their own kitchen and experiment with the huge influx of exciting new single origins and coffee blends increasingly available from around the world.

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COFFEEASY™ taps into the growing ‘third wave coffee’ trend, a global movement which regards high-quality coffee as artisan, like wine and cheese, rather than a commodity. It’s very versatile and works with many drip brewers, even the ever popular Aeropress.

Furthermore, the product comes complete with a measuring scoop and clever clip to re-seal the bag properly after use to protect the coffee from oxidation and making it go stale. It could not be easier. COFFEEASY™ is also friendly to the environment because it does not rely on aluminium coffee capsules which end up in landfill. You only boil the amount of fresh water you need for each brew without the electric cafetiere staying switched on all day.

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Patrick Joseph, is the founder of COFFEEASY™, his story began just before Christmas 2012 after being told to tidy up his ‘coffee corner’ before family arrived for the holidays. This is when he came up with the idea of a stylish and honestly priced ‘brewing and storage station’ for coffee people.

Patrick, commented: “It took two years to develop the COFFEEASY™ from the initial concept, taking it from a home-made unitconstructed from polystyrene and Sellotape to the sleek coffee brewing stand that we have now.” There are similar systems available but they tend to be designed for professionals in coffee shops and are usually more expensive as well as odd looking.

Patrick says: “Our stylish product gives people the chance to do the same thing in their
own home. It is very easy to use, it’s not very big, and has been designed to sit next to
the kettle and the toaster. We have only just launched the product and the response
has been very enthusiastic, from trade and home users too. It opens up so many
choices for people at home, at the office, or even in a café.”


COFFEEASY™ is available to buy online from Has Bean Coffee and Omega. RRP £49.90.

To find out more about COFFEEASY™ you can visit their website at www.coffeeasy.com

Or contact Patrick Joseph on 07967 831 385 or email info@coffeeasy.com

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